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Paradise Found

Gardens of Enchantment

“If you have a garden and a library, then you have everything you need,” said Cicero in ancient times. Gardens are places of peace and meditation that invite you to dream. With their vivid greens, flowers in every color of the rainbow, and inviting shade trees, gardens exert a special pull on us and offer an escape from everyday stress. Paradise Found – Gardens of Enchantment shows the world’s most beautiful gardens, from English gardens and romantic rose gardens to enchanting nature gardens. The evocative photographs and excellent plant portraits by Clive Nichols, a master of using light to create mood, are equally moving and inspiring. Classic garden stories and quotes accompany the reader through this volume on a visual stroll through nature.


  • La sabiduría del jardinero
  • Especies vagabundas
  • Lo—TEK, Design by Radical Indigenism
  • Arquitectura del paisaje y sostenibilidad medioambiental
  • Una breve historia del jardín
  • Green Escapes
  • 30:30
  • Paradise Found
  • Arquitectura del paisaje
  • Tree Houses
  • El jardín en movimiento
  • Detalle en el paisajismo contemporáneo
  • Landscape Architecture Now!
  • El dibujo en el proyecto del paisaje
  • El jardín de la metrópoli
  • La construcción en el proyecto del paisaje