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The Sartorialist. India

An intoxicating mix of color, pattern, texture, and individuality, The Sartorialist: India will inspire even the most die-hard wearers of all-black to reconsider their palette preferences. Famed American photographer and blogger Scott Schuman journeyed to India many times to capture its wildly idiosyncratic styles, whether on the streets, in markets, on the cricket fields, or at residences in cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Pushkar, and Mumbai.

Schuman’s affinity for his subjects is evident, and he is open to people of all ages and from all walks of life, from ravers, transgender subjects, wrestlers, surfers, grandfathers, and fashionistas to children and laborers. He also shines a light on the new India as much as on the time-honored. The casually chic layering of textiles, the enduring prevalence of traditional attire, and India’s pure physical beauty all add up to a richly satisfying visual and cultural experience.

This vibrant monograph is Schuman’s first for TASCHEN, and it showcases all the unique qualities that have brought him worldwide renown: a photojournalist’s eye for a compelling moment, a humanist’s sense of empathy, and a fashion aficionado’s appreciation for design.


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